Bedridden 5-year-old girl with ALS needs help from public

Breaking News June 22, 2018 10:57

By The Nation

The Nong Khai governor on Thursday visited a bed-ridden five-year-old girl after learning that she is left under the care of her 69-year-old grandmother.

Nong Khai governor Ronachai Jitwiset led officials from the Nong Khai Social Development and Human Security Office and Watcharin Jitwiset, chairwoman of the Nong Khai Red Cross, to visit Pimchanok Parit at her home in Ban Nong Khon village in Tambon Phone Paeng in Nong Khai’s Ratana Wapi district.

The governor gave an unspecified amount of money to the girl’s grandmother, Pornsawan Parit, along with some necessities.

The girl cannot walk, talk or use either of her arms, and her grandmother said she could eat only instant powdered milk.

The grandmother said the girl first developed Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis symptoms when she was a-year-and-a-half old. Her parents worked in Bangkok and rarely sent money home, and so the grandma could not afford taking her to see the doctor until her condition had worsened and she became bed-ridden.

The grandmother told her visitors that she and the girl now live on an elderly allowance of Bt600 a month and a disability allowance of Bt800 a month. She would welcome public support for diapers and baby food.

The governor promised to send medical staff to help the girl perform physical therapy twice a week.

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