Locals on Indonesia’s north coast strike whale oil The Jakarta Post

Breaking News June 19, 2018 17:36

By The Jakarta Post
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Locals at the northern tip of Indonesia are busy harvesting a windfall after the carcass of a sperm whale was found on Kuala Baroh Bugeng Beach in Nurussalam district, East Aceh regency, on Sunday. 

“We estimate the weight [of the whale] to be about 10 tonnes. It is in a decaying condition,” a resident said. 

The huge mammal drew the attention of nearby residents who, according to Antara news agency, began harvesting oil from its body on Monday.

Ten beached sperm whales were found by residents of Aceh late last year in Ujong Kareung, Mesjid Raya district, Aceh Besar regency. Despite frantic rescue efforts, four of the whales later died and were buried, though the other six were returned to the water by about 50 rescuers.


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