Dream comes true as man wins Bt264,000 lottery prize

Breaking News March 17, 2018 14:25

By The Nation

The probability was 99-1 that Sitthichai Yoddamnone would lose his Bt10,560 investment after he bought 132 lottery tickets with the same two last digits of 82. But he beat the odds to win the two-digit prize on Friday, earning Bt264,000.

Sitthichai Yoddamnone, 50, a Bangkok resident boasted to reporters that he had high confidence in the digits 82 because, when he was a child, a ghost called Chao Sua Heng, met him in his dream and gave the number to him.

The 82 won the two-digit draw on the March 16 lottery round.

Sitthichai was speaking to reporters at a medium house in Moo 4 village in Tambon Pho Daeng in Ayutthaya’s Bang Sai district where he returned at 5.30pm Friday to pay respect to the spirit. A medium at the house claimed that he could contact the child ghost, a hermit ghost and a legendary serpent ghost.

After the dream, Sitthichai said he went out to several areas to buy all of the tickets with 82 ending that he encountered. At the normal price of Bt80, Sitthichai had to pay Bt10,560 for the 132 tickets. The two-digit prize gives a Bt2,000 reward.

Sitthichai said he also won with 50 tickets in the two-digit prize for the previous draw.

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