Chon Buri mother pleads for help for lymphoma-stricken daughter

Breaking News March 14, 2018 14:25

By Preewadi Wichaiprasit
The Nation
Chon Buri

A Chon Buri mother, 64, on Wednesday begged for help for her daughter, who is suffering from stage-three lymphoma.

Nualprang Malairak told The Nation that she did not have money for painkillers for her daughter, Warangkhana Sitthisart, 34, so she had sought help from friends and searched the Internet for home remedies. She found one link that said boiled banana tree trunks could lessen pain and was trying the remedy.

Nualprang and Warangkhana previously made a living selling live fish at Saensuk Temple in Chon Buri’s Muang district, which people would buy and release to make merit.

Nualprang said she had to stay home to take care of her daughter after she became sick, so she did not have a steady income.

She asked for help from the government and pleaded for donations from the public.

At the family’s house on Ang Sila Road near Sam Mook Mountain, Warangkhana said from her bed that she had been diagnosed with lymphoma more than a year before.

She added that she could no longer work so she could not afford her medical fees.

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