• A dog gets a rabies shot in Khon Kaen on February 28.
  • An owner shows a tag that his dog has received rabies vaccine on February 28.

Pets queue up for rabies shots in Khon Kaen

Breaking News March 02, 2018 12:56

By Jitima Jamphrom
The Nation

More than 100 Khon Kaen residents had their pet cats and dogs inoculated against rabies on Friday after two dogs in their neighbourhoods tested positive for the disease.

Residents of Moo 11 in Tambon Muang Khao, Muang Khon Kaen – covering 1,200 households in the Piman Thani, Tawanna Thani, Chat Thong, Poung Phetch and Rung Arun housing estates – descended on a Piman Thani park with pets to be vaccinated.

Others who couldn’t bring out their pets to the park received vaccine to administer to their pets at home.

The tambon was declared a rabies epidemic zone following the discovery of two rabid dogs in the Chat Thong housing estate.

Tambon Mayor Withit Thongsopit said officials have since been vaccinating both pets and stray animals that have been quarantined.

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