Villagers use YouTube clips to catch edible insect

Breaking News February 12, 2018 14:24

By The Nation

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Villagers in Nakhon Ratchasima have learned to make money from YouTube without posting video clips. Instead, they are using certain clips to draw out a type of edible insect for them to catch to sell.

Residents of Ban Muean Tee in Tambon Don Chomphu in Nakhon Ratchasima's Non Sung district, said they have been earning Bt450 to Bt500 a night from using YouTube clips to attract mole crickets.

Several clips of sounds made by mole crickets, called “maeng kachon” or “maek gee chon” in Thai, have been made available along with instructions how to use them.

The villagers play the clips on their mobile phones that are connected with large speakers, and the sound draws the insects towards them.

Somporn Tiangpolkrung, 48, said he caught three or four kilograms of mole crickets per night after the playing the clips for about two or three hours. He sold the insects for Bt150 per kilogram.

He said the villagers received orders for the insects from friends who were food vendors.

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