Photo from: Thaigov
Photo from: Thaigov

Trat people have no answers for Prayut

Breaking News February 05, 2018 15:02

By The Nation

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Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha received no answer from a group of Trat people on Monday when he asked them whether they had decided who they would vote for in the election. He was meeting the locals during a trip around the province before a mobile cabinet meeting there on Tuesday.

The PM turned the brief silence into a joke, saying they were keeping quiet because they were waiting to take photos with him.

He then warned them that he had no idea what would happen next if Thais chose a “bad person” to lead the country. He also insisted that he had not entered the office of prime minister for political purposes.

Prayut met the group during his visit to Ban Pred Nai, which is a model village of mangrove management.

Prayut told them that the country was in trouble today because people still did not respect the rule of law. He said he has never interfered with the justice system and never could.

He also urged them not to allow anyone to draw them into conflict. The country was not yet peaceful and if it was not peaceful in the future, “everything will still be in a mess”, the premier said.

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