Will your Zodiac be lucky this year?

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Out with the Fire Rooster and in with the Earth Dog. How a year has passed so quickly and we are now getting ready to celebrate another Chinese New Year (CNY) on Feb 16.

And like any CNY celebration, the young ones can’t wait to receive ‘angpows’ or red packets, while others ponder what the year will bring in terms of their career, health and relationships.

The colour Red features prominently every CNY as Red symbolises ‘ong’ or luck that many believers would love to have more of, especially if the previous year was not too kind to them. 

But… do you know Red is not the only auspicious colour during CNY? Purple is a good alternative too.

Mak Ling Ling advises those with zodiacs conflicting with Tai Sui to wear festive colours of Purple or Red. 

According to Hong Kong Fengshui Master Mak Ling Ling, those born under the Dog, Dragon, Goat, Cow and Rooster zodiacs are in conflict with Tai-sui – The Grand Duke of Jupiter, a celestial force that ‘influences’ people’s destiny and fortunes - this year. 

This will increase the likelihood of minor injuries, health issues and gossip mongering, so Mak suggests wearing festive colours of Purple or Red to ward off such misfortunes and strengthen one’s health. 

Furthermore, Purple – a symbol of nobility, wealth, power and ambition - is often used to harness good energy, or ‘qi’, that brings prosperity into our lives. It is also associated with spiritual enlightenment which can calm our emotions and help keep us grounded.

According to another Fengshui consultant Professor Joe Choo, Red may not necessarily be good for everyone, especially for those born in the summer months of May, June and July, as it adds ‘heat’ to the already hot summer. This may cause the temperament and health of those born in those months to ‘worsen’.

As such, wearing Purple may weaken the power of the fire and calm our emotions and improve our overall well-being.

The Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse zodiacs will face good fortune in 2018, while the Dog, Dragon, Goat, Cow and Rooster zodiacs may face some challenges in the year ahead. 

For those born in the year of the Dog (1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006), thus, in conflict with Tai-sui, there is another way to mitigate the possibility of minor injuries, health issues and unsavoury rumours besides wearing Purple.

Choo suggests placing a piece of white or clear crystal or living plant facing East (82.5 - 97.5 degree) in your bedroom at any time after the winter solstice of 2017 (Dec 22) to minimise unpleasant events like falling sick regularly, getting into arguments and collecting driving summonses.

In general, 2018 will be kind to those born in the year of the Rabbit (1974), Tiger (1975) and Horse (1978) as they will be showered with good fortune and career advancement. 

Meanwhile, for those whose zodiac is in conflict with Tai-sui, heeding the advice given by Mak and Choo could well alleviate the negative effects and usher in a happier and healthier new year.

Of course, one should always remain positive and look at the bright side no matter what your zodiac sign or lucky colour is because, in many cases, you are in charge of your own destiny.

So, relax and enjoy a cool refreshing Ribena made with the natural fruity goodness of New Zealand blackcurrants any time, and look forward to this year’s CNY celebration with great optimism.

Gong Xi Fa Chai.

This article is brought to you by Ribena. 


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