Hiroto Saikawa, president of Nissan Motor Co.
Hiroto Saikawa, president of Nissan Motor Co.

Nissan aims to go half electric in Japan, Europe by fiscal 2025

Breaking News January 19, 2018 01:18

By The Japan News

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Nissan Motor Co president Hiroto Saikawa said more than half of the vehicles it sells in Japan and Europe will be electrically powered by fiscal 2025.

Speaking in a Tuesday phone interview with The Yomiuri Shimbun during a trip to the United States, Saikawa said by fiscal 2022, about 40 per cent of its sales in these important markets would be electrically powered vehicles. Nissan, whose Leaf electric vehicle has sold well, is seeking to expand its share of the electrically powered vehicle market by accelerating the introduction of the cars.

Electrically powered vehicles would make up “30 percent of sales in China in fiscal 2022 and about 20 percent in the United States,” Saikawa said.

Nissan is planning for one-third of these sales to be electric vehicles, with the remaining two-thirds to be models with motors that run on electricity generated by the engine.

The transition to electrically powered vehicles “will not happen because of environmental regulations; it will be because customers will find value in these vehicles,” he said, citing convenience and other favorable factors.

Saikawa also revealed that almost all new vehicles for Nissan’s luxury Infiniti brand would be electrically powered starting in fiscal 2021.

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