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Call to limit Krabi tourism numbers

Breaking News January 17, 2018 19:04

By Phuket Gazette

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With thousands of tourists pouring into Maya Bay during the high tourism season and over-crowding the beach on a daily basis, the president of Krabi Industry Council, Aekawit Pinyothammanotai, has called for the number of tourists to be controlled.

“The number of tourists travelling to Krabi beaches keeps increasing while the resources remain the same,” he said on Wednesday. “This results in a lot of trash, noise and overcrowded boats, making accidents more likely and long-term environmental damage unavoidable.

“The departments involved have to find a measure to control tourist numbers by asking the tour companies to report how many clients they have and when the number reaches the maximum, we’ll have to tell the rest to wait until the following day.”

He said this measure would also allow the tourists to have a better experience and enjoy their visit more, unlike now when the markets are so crowded that there is no space to walk.

Source: https://www.phuketgazette.net/lifestyle/travel/krabi-officials-limit-number-tourists-maya-bay

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