Teenager accuses supposed benefactor of sexual abuse over four years

Breaking News January 10, 2018 16:17

By Mongkolchaowarat Thangmangmee
The Nation

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A 17-year-old schoolboy has filed a complaint with the Phitsanulok Dhamrongtham Centre alleging that a man in his 50s had offered to provide him boarding and a scholarship and then coerced him into a sexually abusive relationship over the past four years.

The teenager, whose name was withheld due to his age, was then evicted from his home after reportedly refusing the man’s request for sex before he decided to file a complaint, citing a fear for his own safety. 

The teenager, who was accompanied by lawyer Sorasak Muthawan to file the complaint, submitted evidence allegedly showing that the man, whose name was being withheld pending an investigation, had subjected him to sexual abuse since he was 13. 

The boy said that his father had died and his mother was working in another province so he had been left to stay with an elderly woman whom he was unrelated to. 

The complaint states that as a Prathom 6 student, the teenager was addicted to computer games and spent time at an Internet cafe, where he met the man, who offered to provide him housing, personal funds and a scholarship.

According to the complaint, the teenager was coerced to engage in sex three to five times a month after accepting the offer. 

The complaint said the man was believed to have made similar offers to other boys who did not stay with their parents and had brought three teenage boys to stay overnight in his house and molested them. 

The boy said he had eventually refused the man’s sexual advances, resulting in a fight after which he was kicked out of the house. 

The teenager then began working at a stall selling rice near a restaurant owned by Sorasak, who said he had overheard the teenager’s friend mocking him about sexual abuse and asked him for details.

He added that he believed many boys had been subjected to abuse and offered to help the teenager file a police complaint on October 18. 

Muang Phitsanulok Police Station deputy inspector Pol Captain Amnat On-pan, who is in charge of the case, said police had summoned the accused man for interrogation and initially filed a charge of raping a minor under 15, with the teenager’s medical examination results still pending. 

The suspect in the case has denied any wrongdoing.

Amnat added that teenager’s recent complaint to the Phitsanulok Dhamrongtham Centre was within his rights as he might fear for his safety and wanted related agencies to help provide mental rehabilitation to help him recover from prolonged abuse. 

He said police were gathering evidence and would submit the case to the public prosecutor.

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