Pol Colonel Weerachai Songmetta.
Pol Colonel Weerachai Songmetta.

Police solicit complaints against ‘notorious’ Morchit taxi motorcyclist

Breaking News January 03, 2018 14:40

By The Nation

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Police have learned the identity of a “notorious” taxi motorcyclist who charged a female passenger Bt400 for a one-kilometre ride and are considering filing extortion charges against him.

Royal Thai Police Pol Colonel Weerachai Songmetta said police had learned the identity of the taxi motorcyclist, who had been preying on passengers at the Morchit Bus Terminal, but they needed passengers to file complaints before they could take further action.

Weerachai was speaking to reporters after social network users widely shared a clip of a woman who appeared intimidated by the taxi driver and paid Bt400 for a ride of less than one-kilometre from the Morchit Bus Terminal to an area where she could catch a taxi.

The woman was returning from her hometown on Tuesday and needed to catch a motorcycle to an area where she could hail a taxi because there were not enough taxis inside the bus terminal.

When the motorcyclist demanded Bt400, she took a video of herself trying to bargain for Bt100, then eventually called police and fled in a taxi after the motorcyclist allegedly threatened to attack her.

Weerachai said police had learned the taxi driver had repeatedly committed similar offences.

He urged passengers who had been overcharged to file complaints with police at Bang Sue Police Station.

If evidence is provided that the man intimidated passengers, he will also face extortion charges, Weerachai said.

Weerachai said police had also determined from the video clip that the motorcycle the man was riding had not been registered as a taxi, so he would also face a charge of illegally using a vehicle for public transport.

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