• Family members and village residents hold ‘Balik Tiga Hari’ ceremony for a newlywed couple despite flash-floods

Several houses affected in Brunei flash floods

Breaking News December 22, 2017 14:20

By Borneo Bulletin
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Bandar Seri Begawan - Powerful rains lashed across the Tutong District, causing flash floods in several areas of the district yesterday.

Heavy rains that began on Tuesday evening and prolonged until midmorning yesterday, damaged several houses in Kampong Kiudang.

One of the worst affected residential areas was Jalan Batang Mitus, where according to the Lamunin Fire Station, water reached 0.50 metre high, making the roadway inaccessible to normal saloon cars.

However, some areas usually affected by flash flood like Kampong Keranching Benutan, Kampong Kuala Unggar/Rambai and Jalan Bengkuru in Mukim Rambai remained unaffected this time.

Despite the torrential rain and flash flood, a newly-wed couple was able to perform their ‘Balik Tiga Hari’ ceremony, a traditional Malay ritual which heralds the newly married couple’s return to the groom’s family house after three days at the bride’s home.

The torrential rains did not deter 81yearold Pengiran Ibrahim bin Pengiran Haji Tengah from holding the ‘Balik Tiga Hari’, albeit in moderation.

Some areas in Tutong District are no stranger to flash floods, he said. "In 1998, flood water reached three-and-a half feet high and this year it reached more than two feet," he added.

With the rainy weather continuing, members of the public, especially those living in low-lying areas or flood-prone areas, have been urged to exercise extra caution.


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