Songkhla Lake residents seek help after prolonged floods become polluted

Breaking News December 14, 2017 17:45

By Charoon Thongnual
The Nation

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Although the floods are generally abating in the South, communities around Songkhla Lake in Songkhla’s Sathingphra district, were still suffering on Thursday from an inundation of floodwater.

Songkhla Lake is the last of a series of water retention areas before the water enters the Gulf of Thailand.

At Ban Don Khan in Tambon Khu Khut, the Wat Dhammapradit School was hit by one-metre-deep flood two weeks ago, prompting teachers to take their pupils to Wat Don Khan Ok, where they remain.

The wat’s temple pavilions have been turned into open-air classrooms to enable the 69 pupils from kindergarten to Prathom 6 levels to keep up with their lessons. With floods visiting the community every year, most residents have adjusted to the excess of water.

However, this year’s floodwater became stagnant and polluted. As their supply of drinking water had been low, the residents send out a plea for help.

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