Two Don Muang policemen win praise for using CPR to save a life

Breaking News November 23, 2017 18:20

By The Nation

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Two traffic policemen of the Don Muang Police Station in Bangkok have won plaudits from Facebook users after their clip providing CPR to a man on a flyover on Wednesday went viral.

The clip of the two traffic policemen saving the life of a man on the pedestrian bridge on Kamphaeng Phet 6 Road in front of the BAFS oil depot was posted on the Facebook page of the Don Muang Police station at 11pm on Wednesday. By 1pm on Thursday, the post was “liked” more than 30,000 times and shared over 14,000 times. It received over 9,800 comments of praise.

The clip showed a traffic policeman performing a CPR on an unconscious man in a military uniform until he regained consciousness and was later taken away in an ambulance. Another traffic policeman stood by to provide help.

Pol Major Krirk Kaewsaento, traffic inspector of Don Muang Police station, said on Thursday that the incident happened at 6pm when three traffic policemen were directing traffic at the spot.

Krirk said the three were informed that a man was found unconscious on the flyover so Pol Senior Sgt-Major Thanatip Prasert and Pol Senior Sgt-Major Boonma Tasaeng ran up the bridge to check.

Krirk said Thanatip checked and found the man had stopped breathing so he performed the CPR while Boonma called for an ambulance.

The man returned to consciousness but again stopped breathing five minutes later. So Thanathip performed another CPR and revived him again. Soon an ambulance arrived and took him to the Bhumibol Hospital. Krirk said he was informed the man was in safe condition now.

He said the two officers would later receive a reward from the Royal Thai Police.

Krirk said his police station has taught the use of CPR to traffic police hence Thanathip knew how to correctly do it.

He quoted Thanathip as saying it was the first time he had used the CPR in a real situation and he was happy to have been able to save a life.

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