Toon asks fans not to misquote him

Breaking News November 15, 2017 15:35

By The Nation

Rock star Artiwara “Toon” Kongmalai has pleaded with his fans to remove social-media posts that attribute to him a phrase that he has not said.

During his rest day on Wednesday, the Body Slam star posted on his Instagram page that he respected all opinions but he also loves dogs, so he would never had said anything about throwing rocks at dogs.

He was apparently referring to a graphic that displays his photo with a quote that says: “ ‘How will you reach your destination if you go on throwing rocks at dogs that are barking along your way?’ – Toon, Body Slam”.

The quote is a figure of speech about wasting your time arguing with critics, but the star seems to have taken it literally.

“I have never said about throwing rocks at dogs. Please don’t use other people’s words and put my name under them ever again,” Toon said in the post.

“Please, I beg you and thank you.”

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