‘Jo Boyscout should have been given CPR first’

Breaking News November 11, 2017 13:22

By The Nation

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Singer“Jo Boyscout”, who died on Friday night, should have been given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) within four minutes after he collapsed, the secretary-general of the Emergency Medicine Institute said on Saturday.

Dr Atchariya Paengma was commenting on the tragic death of Thanat Chimthuam, better known as Jo Boyscout, who collapsed shortly after midnight, after singing for about an hour at the Colour Bar Town in Town in Wang Thong Lang district.

A video clip showed that his band members did not provide immediate help after he collapsed but kept joking as they thought Thanat was only acting. They realised that his condition was serious several minutes later. They later called for an ambulance from a rescue foundation, which took about half an hour to reach the scene. During this time, no first aid or CPR was given to the singer. He was seen taking a final gasp and becoming unconscious.

Atchariya said a person who has become unconscious or has suffered a heart attack needed to receive a CPR or chest compression with both hands within four minutes.

Atchariya said when a person faints or stops breathing or shows signs of gasping for breath, people nearby must call 1669 to dispatch an emergency team to help.

While waiting for the team, a CPR must be performed on the person who has collapsed. The CPR-giver must cross the fingers and press both hands in the middle of the chest 5 to 6cms down at 100 to 120 times per minute.

The CPR must be given until the emergency medical team arrives or until the patient is revived, Atchariya added.

If the place has an automated external defibrilliator, it should be used on the patient, Atchariya said.

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