Scammers forge police chief’s Line account

Breaking News October 09, 2017 16:19

By The Nation

A call-centre-scam gang has duplicated the Line account of Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) deputy chief Pol Major-General Romsit Weeriyasan to dupe a victim into wiring almost Bt1 million for “inspection”, Romsit revealed on Monday.

Romsit, now acting AMLO chief, urged people to remain calm, not to believe cold callers, and not to wire money to anyone in these circumstance. He said the state agency would not contact people about such a matter over the phone or online media. 

Romsit cited a recent complaint that a gang member claiming to be a Thailand Post official told a victim that he had an unclaimed package and required his full name, address and ID card number for “confirmation”. 

The gang member then told the victim that the package contained cash - which was a violation of the Postal Act and the anti money-laundering law - and if the victim wanted to prove his innocence and sincerity, he must wire money for “inspection” or his bank accounts would be frozen.

When the victim hesitated, the gangster transferred the phone conversation to another man who claimed to be Romsit. The imposter then explained the steps in the inquiry and even sent details of a fake Line account in Romsit’s name. The scam resulted in the victim giving in and wiring almost Bt1 million to the gang.

Romsit also warned Thais not to open bank accounts or apply for ATM cards for other persons, as these might be used by criminals and the person who opened them could end up facing money-laundering charges.

These offences can be punished by 1-10 years in prison and Bt20,000-Bt200,000 in fines. Those who suspect foul play should alert the authority on the AMLO hotline, 1710, during office hours. 

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