Justice reform will also include military justice: reform committee

Breaking News October 06, 2017 19:19

By The Nation

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A justice reform committee said on Friday that justice processes and mechanisms concerning the military regime would also be subject to the new reform effort.

Lt-General Krisana Bovornrattanaraksa, who sits on the justice reform committee, said the military court, military prosecutors and other justice processes and mechanisms, would be subject to reform along with other justice elements, because the nation is going through a major reform process.

The committee on Friday revealed its work updating justice reform, as addressed in the new reform law, which is supposed to be submitted in December along with other 10 works of reform to the government for long-term implementation

Atchaporn Jaruchinda, the committee’s chair, said the committee would cover seven aspects of justice in its reform agenda. First, work procedures within justice related agencies must have a timeframe so that people can follow up. Second, there must be mechanisms to support the underprivileged to better access justice. Third, there must be mechanisms to ensure equality in regard to justice.

Fourth, there must be mechanisms related to law enforcement. Fifth, there must be improvements in investigations and checks and balances between investigators and prosecutors. Sixth, there must be the introduction of forensic science in helping investigations, and lastly, there must be an overhaul of justice culture to improve the quality of personal justice.

Atchaporn said the committee would develop proposals accordingly and submit them to the government in December for long-term implementation as required by law.