Smugglers escape, but 400kg of marijuana dumped

Around Thailand September 18, 2017 12:38

By The Nation

Soldiers, police and Interior Ministry officials failed to catch a gang of drug smugglers in Nakhon Phanom on Monday morning.

But they apparently scared them enough that 400 kilograms of marijuana was found abandoned at the roadside in central Sakon Nakhon province’s Tao Ngoy district.

Tipped off that a ganja gang would be shipping the weed south, the joint team staked out the road in northeastern Nakhon Phanom’s Tha Uthen district.

A suspicious pickup truck was spotted but eluded them.

A second team in Sakon Nakhon, the gang’s suspected destination, was alerted to try to intercept the pickup.

Again, the gang got away, but six bags containing 400 bricks of marijuana were found dumped at a roadside.

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