Roadside bomb defused in Narathiwat

Breaking News September 13, 2017 14:58

By Narong Nuansakul
The Nation

Security officers successfully defused a roadside bomb planted under a power pole in Narathiwat’s Sungai Padi district. The bomb was believed to have been intended to be detonated as a team of defence volunteers patrolled the area in the afternoon. 

The bomb in a 20-kilogram cooking cylinder placed in a green plastic bag was discovered at 9am on Sungai Padi-Chatwarin Fall Road in Tambon Paluru.

The Border Patrol Police Company 447 Explosive Ordnance Disposal team defused the bomb by shooting water from a high-pressure hose at a its radio-triggered detonator, while a device scrambled radio signals. They later disassembled the bomb near the scene and submitted the components to forensic officers and police investigators.

Pongsathorn Sonjit, who led the six-member patrol, said the team had been travelling on three motorcycles returning from protecting teachers when they spotted the bag under the power pole and alerted authorities.

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