• Photo from Facebook/@panunjewelry
  • Photo from Facebook/@panunjewelry

Grandma’s joy over lottery ‘win’ short-lived

Breaking News September 02, 2017 15:33

By The Nation

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A Phayao woman’s joy at winning Bt30 million in a lottery was cut short when it emerged that it was a prank conducted by her 13-year-old granddaughter.

On Friday evening, word spread like wildfire on social networks that Luan Thananchai, a resident of Phayao’s Chiang Muan district, had five winning tickets in the September 1 draw.

Facebook users shared a photo of her displaying the lottery ticket with a beaming face, and the news drew a lot of relatives to Luan’s house. Her son, Sompol Thananchai, 35, an assistant chief of Tambon Ban Bang administration also rushed back home before the end of office hours on Friday.

Initially, Luan would not display her lottery tickets to her son, but she showed him later that night.

Once Sompol saw the tickets, he asked his mother who had checked the prizes for her. Luan said Sompol’s 13-year-old daughter did after Luan promised to buy her a new smartphone and motorcycle if she won a big prize.

Luan said the granddaughter disappeared for a while before she returned to tell her that she’d won the first prize. Luan said she then took a photo to share in a Line group of close relatives.

Sompol then told his mother that the lottery had not really won the first prize, because one number had been pasted over with a number from an old ticket.

On hearing this, the broken woman developed high blood pressure and had to be rushed to hospital. Her condition improved and was discharged on Saturday.

Sompol apologised to the community, saying his daughter simply devised a prank to share among her relatives, and she did not expect it would spread so widely on social media.

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