Roi Et hit by heavy flooding as rivers burst their banks

Breaking News August 04, 2017 16:54

By The Nation

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Five districts in Roi Et suffered heavy flooding after the Yang and Chi rivers burst their banks.

A large amount of water from Kalasin flowed down the rivers and breached the embankment causing severe flooding. 

It was reportedly that Selaphum District suffered the most damage as 71 houses were damaged and eight houses collapsed.

From the flood damage inspection at Tambon Wang Luang in Selaphum District, the Yang River embankment collapsed in five places, flooding the town. The water current was very strong causing severe damage to houses. 

Wang Luang Wittyakom School teacher Jiraphat Wiphala said that the water current in the Yang River was very strong before the embankment collapse. He said he warned people to lift their belonging to higher ground, but it was too late as water rapidly flooded the community.

Jiraphat said villagers were suffering as most were elderly and eight of them were also handicapped.

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