Sakon Nakhon flood damage estimated at over Bt100 million

Breaking News July 29, 2017 14:04

By The Nation

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A former chairman of the Sakon Nakhon Chamber of Commerce estimated that the on-going flooding in the northeastern province has caused damage worth over Bt100 million.

Businessman Prasat Dongsiri said the floods struck the business zone in the heart of the province, damaging shops, hotels and residences.

He said the flooding was the worst in more than 43 years, including the 1974 flood.

“The major flooding in Sakon Nakhon in 1974 was as not serious as this year,” Prasat said.

He said the damage was caused by the inability of infrastructure to drain rainwater in time. He blamed the fast development of the province that had led to construction that prevented waters from flowing under bridges and through sewers.

Prasat said the rains started to fall on Wednesday and had continued until floods hit the downtown area on Friday. He said restoration of the flooded areas might take two weeks.

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