Pheu Thai Party repeats opposition to social contract

Breaking News July 21, 2017 10:20

By The Nation

The Pheu Thai Party on Thursday issued a fresh statement expressing its disagreement with the government’s ongoing effort to forge reconciliation and produce a so-called social contract, saying the procedure was not right from the beginning.

The statement said the party has repeatedly raised the issue as it views that the process and key figures in the process involve only bureaucrats and lacks wide public participation.

The proposals made by the committees designated to formulate a reconciliation model are just recommendations, and not a serious solutions that touches on critical issues for critical bodies to adhere to, including the military as well as independent agencies it views as part of the problem.

The proposals, the party claims, lack thorough a study of the fundamental problems, and the social contract out of them would not be fruitful or worth any commitment from concerned parties.

The party’s statement was issued one day before its key figure, Yingluck Shinawatra, is to take part in final testimony in response to allegation over the rice mortgage scheme under her government.

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