Actor Pharunyoo apologises for light-hearted post about rape

Breaking News July 16, 2017 19:07

By The Nation

An actor has apologised to the public over an online post that, many people think, takes sexual crimes in a light-hearted way.

Pharunyoo Rojanawuttitham, the actor who portrays a gang-rapist in a TV series, was attacked for posting a picture of himself and several other actors with the message reading, “We are arrested for rape. If you are interested, you can choose any of us to rape you.” 

In the face of strong criticism, Pharunyoo removed the offending post, apologised, and explained that he just intended to promote the TV series “La” (Hunt). 

He said he did not mean to treat sexual crimes lightly. 

“In real life, in my personal opinion, I in fact even want to see rapists being sentenced to death,” he said. 

He has previously joined calls to increase the legal penalty against rapists. 

In one of his latest posts, Pharunyoo said he hoped his bad choices of words in the offending post sparked not just criticism but also serious, continued efforts to fight against sexual crimes. 

“I will be pleased to join the campaign against sexual violations. Please join forces,” the actor said. 


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