Nine months until police-reform proposals ready: committee chairman

Breaking News July 14, 2017 17:01

By Jakrawan Salaytoo
The Nation

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The police-reform committee’s proposal is unlikely to affect any police reshuffle this year, according to its chairman, General Boonsrang Niumpradit.

Speaking at the Government House, Boonsrang explained on Friday that his committee would take about nine months to complete the proposal. 

“So by December, we may just have finished the framework for the police-rotation system,” he said. “I don’t want to rush. I hope we prepare the proposal based on comprehensive information and the proposal works well in the future.” 

The Boonsrang-chaired committee convened its first meeting this week. It has already set up five sub-committees to help with its work. 

The subcommittee on academic affairs has already been assigned to explore solutions to problems related to police reshuffles. 

It is widely said that some police positions have been sold, which in turn encourages corruption. 

“This subcommittee will also study guidelines about how to improve police-force structure,” Somkid Lertpaithoon said in his capacity as the chair of the police-reform committee. 

At yesterday’s meeting, committee members seriously debated the police’s shortage of staff and budget constraints. Between 70,000 and 80,000 positions are now vacant. Units with most vacancies are attached to border patrol police and scientific crime detection agencies. 

“The scope of police work is relatively too vast when compared with its budget,” Somkid said. “So, there are discussions as to whether some units should break off from the police force.” 

He added the committee expects to achieve significant progress before the end of August. 

“All subcommittees are told to start working right away,” Somkid said. 

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