Dad nabbed in drug bust, resort staff minding toddler

Breaking News July 13, 2017 13:01

By The Nation

Staff at a Songkhla holiday resort on Thursday came to the rescue of a toddler left on his own after his father was arrested at a drug party.

The three women staff members are taking care of the year-old boy until the father is released on bail or another relative arrives to claim the child.

The divorced father, identified only as Weerapong, was arrested along with five other people in a police raid on his room at the resort in Hat Yai district. 

He and Aduldej Rakwong, 34, Piyawit Inchan, 28, Phumisak Juwanno, 28, Bechaya Ekprathapm, 20, and Ae (not real name), 18, are charged with possessing and using crystal meth.

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