MEA promises to put all power cables underground by 2021

Breaking News July 13, 2017 10:48

By The Nation

The governor of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) has promised that all power cables will be underground by 2021.

MEA Governor Chaiyong Puapongsakorn said the authority has installed power cables underground for 41.9 kilometres in the heart of business areas.

The MEA is also in the process of moving cables underground for another 40kms and later it will relocate cables underground for another 127.3kms around the capital, which would be completed by 2021.

“I believe Bangkokians want to see communication cables disappear from power poles. If possible, we will move communication cables underground with the power cables but the communication cables are not directly the responsibility of the MEA. But we will try to work it out with agencies concerned,” the governor said.

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