Boutique resort offers muay thai fitness programmes by the beach

Breaking News June 08, 2017 13:52

By The Nation

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Thai boutique resort collection Manathai Hotels & Resorts is introducing fitness activities by the sea with a uniquely Asian twist by drawing on the martial art tradition of Thai boxing.

As the Kingdom’s national sport, muay thai – a centuries-old tribal martial art that resonates with culture, spirituality and ritual – integrates elements of traditional music and ceremonial dance. 

At Manathai Khao Lak, by the secluded sands of Bangsak Beach, guests can learn the fundamental fluid movements of muay thai by joining lessons held at the resort each day, offered by a skilled trainer. Thai massage sessions are also included in the programme.

At Manathai Koh Samui, where colonial architecture overlooks the Gulf of Siam, guest students can also train daily with a muay thai expert at a nearby boxing studio, enjoy a healthy juice and feel the healing touch of traditional Thai massage.

The resorts’ muay thai packages reflect a growing interest in beach fitness and holidays that balance chilled-out lounging with engaging activities. Muay thai is a perfect sport for beginners, as well as for those looking to develop their skills and core strength while also increasing mobility, boosting leg muscles and improving lower body endurance. 

The instructors focus on basic techniques such as stance, footwork, basic punches, kicks, knees and elbows, as well as demonstrating effective defensive moves.

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