Woman arrested for robbing wheelchair-bound lottery vendor

Breaking News May 29, 2017 11:52

By The Nation

A Lamphun woman was arrested on Monday morning after she snatched 44 lottery tickets and Bt700 in cash from a wheelchair-bound lottery vendor.

Paveena Panyoyai, 34, a resident of Lamphun’s Maetha district, was arrested at about 8.30am - not long after she robbed the lottery vendor on a roadside in Lamphun’s Pasang district.

Police arrested her after receiving a complaint from Nakhon Kansuya, 64, who said the woman pretended to want to buy a lottery ticket from him and then snatched his purse with Bt700 cash in it and 44 lottery tickets and fled on a motorcycle.

Police checked the escape route and later found the woman standing in front of shop in Pasang.

Paveena admitted that she previously stole two tickets from the same vendor before the last draw mid last month. 

She said she returned to steal more tickets because she did not win anything.

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