Little Isaan chef’s grilled chameleons clip goes viral

Breaking News April 01, 2017 14:42

By The Nation

A video clip featuring a 13-year-old Isaan boy making a traditional dish out of grilled chameleons has gone viral with more than 5.8 million views in a week.

The clip titled “Chef of Daen Pladaek (Chef of the land of Isaan fermented fish)” was posted on the Facebook wall of the PtssProduction page at 9.33 pm on March 24 and had drawn 5.86 million views by Saturday. More than 200,000 Facebook users liked the post and more than 102,300 other shared it.

The clip showed the boy making the dish larp kapom, or hot minted chameleons.

Ratchanon Samart, the young chef in the clip, said he was happy that his cooking show was liked by many people. He said he had become popular and he was recognised by people in the neighbourhood.

He said he also caught chameleons for sale to larp vendors and the clip helped him to receive a lot of orders.

Pathompong Lomchai, owner of the Facebook page, said his page shows the everyday lives of Isaan people and the boy gave him the idea of showing how to make the hot minced chameleon dish, which is a popular delicacy with northeastern people.

He plans to feature another clip showing the boy making another Isaan dish.


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