WikiLeaks releases audio from Democratic Party hack

Breaking News July 28, 2016 10:22

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WASHINGTON - WikiLeaks released a set of audio recordings Wednesday apparently hacked from the Democratic National Committee's servers, including a message from an irate Hillary Clinton supporter demanding the party stop "bending over backwards" for Be

Links to the 29 recordings were posted on Twitter a few hours before US President Barack Obama took the stage in Philadelphia to address the party's national convention, a meeting that formally nominated Clinton as the Democratic candidate for the White House.

The confab is meant to be a show of unity, but instead has exposed the raw anger of Sanders supporters who feel disenfranchised by the primary process, and the WikiLeaks seemed timed to embarrass the party and Clinton.

The audio recordings do not appear to contain any bombshell revelations.

The anti-secrecy website on Friday leaked 19,000 emails from the accounts of several top Democratic party leaders.

At least two email messages suggested an insider effort to hobble Sanders' upstart campaign against Clinton -- including by seeking to present him as an atheist in deeply religious states.

The uproar following the leak forced party chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz to abruptly announce her resignation on the eve of the convention she was meant to preside over.

The angry Clinton supporter said in her minute-long voice mail that she was "furious" about what she perceived as party support for Sanders and giving the self-described democratic socialist "too much influence."

"Bernie is the worst person in the world to even be running in the Democratic party because he's not a Democrat," said the unidentified woman, who noted she was on a fixed income and had donated $300 to Clinton.

"Quit acquiescing to this person who likes to play the victim card and who also has been attacking Hillary, which gives Trump all his talking points. I will leave the Democratic party if the Democratic party continues to coddle Bernie Sanders," she said.

It was not known which party official the woman was trying to reach.

It was not immediately clear if the audio recordings were part of the original cache of more than 19,000 emails and attachments released by WikiLeaks on Friday.


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