Over 150 mountaineers scale Mt Everest on a single day

Breaking News May 19, 2016 20:54

By Katmandu Post
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Kathmandu - Over 150 mountaineers made it to the world's highest peak, Mt Everest, successfully on a single day on Thursday, the ninth day after climbers were allowed to climb the mountain after the closure of around two years due to various reasons.

Gyanendra Kumar Shrestha, chief of the mountaineering section of the Department of Tourism, said that the climbers including a team of military from the United Arab Emirates, scaled the highest peak successfully today.

He said that other many mountaineers on the expedition are on their way.

Although the expedition to the highest peak of the world opened on May 11, the expedition came to a halt for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) due to bad weather.

In the six days after the expedition opened, 88 mountaineers including foreigners scaled Mt Everest so far, the department said.

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