NLD dismisses MP for unauthorised visit to Wa region

Breaking News May 04, 2016 17:50

By Eleven Myanmar

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YANGON - Soe Htay, an MP for Kawkareik Constituency in Kayin State and a member of the National League for Democracy, was dismissed from the Lower House Committee on Ethnic Affairs and Internal Peace for holding peace negotiations in the Wa Self-Administe

Soe Htay said: "That area had been in peace since 1989. I’ve been to the Wa region before when I served in the military. However, I’d never been to Pangsang. During that time, if I had gone there, guns would have been pointed at me. This time, though, they welcomed me without hesitation. I went there not as a representative of the NLD but as an MP and a member of the NLD.”
The politician admitted that he went to the Wa region without informing the party in advance nor the committee. 
Soe Htay said: “I went there to collect data in order to submit it to the committee because I believe in going to those regions ourselves rather than basing our decision on theories.”
Despite the punishment, he vowed to pass collected data to the committee.
He continued: “The party suspended me from performing important duties for one year. However, I can still support them as an MP. I won’t protest the decision.”
The politician visited the Wa region from April 25 to 29. NLD Central Executive Committee member Win Htein said the NLD did not send any representative to negotiate with the UWSA.

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