'Magnificent Seven' Dao Din students activists show up at Pathumwan station

Breaking News June 24, 2015 14:15

By The Nation

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Seven Dao Din student activists, who are wanted by police for violating the rally ban, turned up in front of the Pathumwan police station at 1:09 pm Wednesday.

The students, who called themselves the Magnificent Seven and made a poster on their Facebook wall like the movie poster, refused to meet police investigators last week after their temporary release expired. They instead challenged police to arrest them in Loei’s Wang Sapung district.
The seven rallied at the Khon Kaen Democracy Monument against the coup on the first anniversary of May 22 coup.
During the rally in front of the Pathumwan Police station Wednesday, Rangsiman Rome, read a statement before the police station.
In the statement, he said the seven students refused to acknowledge the charges against them and other student activists.
The seven said they showed up at the station to provide moral support to the group of nine students who are wanted by the Pathumwan police station.

The nine students Wednesday filed a complaint with the station against police officers for allegedly abusing their authority when they arrested the nine students when they protested at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre on the coup anniversary day.



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