Youth network calls for forum to discuss proposed alcohol ban

Breaking News June 23, 2015 18:02


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The anti-alcohol youth network Tuesday urged the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to organise a forum to hear the opinions of students, university personnel and members of the public on the problem of alcohol being sold near universities and to voice t

Theerapat Kahawong, the network co-ordinator, submitted a letter to Surachai Liengboonlertchai, first vice president of the NLA, urging the agency to consider amendments to the Liquor Act of 1950, control the number of liquor licences issued and to raise the licence fees. 
The Thai Asia Pacific Breweries (TAP) insisted Tuesday that the proposed ban on the sale of alcohol within 300-500 metres of colleges was unnecessary. It said existing laws already prohibited the sale of alcohol to persons under 20. Such a ban would negatively impact consumers who have a right to purchase alcohol and merchants who have a right to sell such products, it said. TAP suggested the authorities increase the penalties for anyone under the age of 20 who buys alcohol and those who sell alcoholic beverages to them.

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