Microsoft rolls out foldable mobile keyboard

Breaking News March 11, 2015 12:47

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Barcelona (dpa) - The new Universal Foldable Keyboard from Microsoft is designed for people who write a lot with their mobile devices and want to type out those thoughts on a proper keyboard.

Presented at the Mobile World Congress, the keyboard connects with iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. 
When folded down the middle, it's no more than 5 millimetres thick. 
It can also synchronize with two devices at the same time, with the user switching between them with a push of a button. 
However, users should note that it will only work with devices using at least iOS7, Android 4.3 or Windows 8. 
Waterproof and packed with a battery charge that should last three months, it costs about 100 euros (110.75 dollars). It's not yet known when the keyboard will hit markets.

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