Likely ban on e-cigarettes, Baraku supported

Breaking News September 04, 2014 18:51

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Thailand's anti-smoking movement supported the Commerce Ministry's plan to ban the imports of electronic cigarettes and Baraku.

Prakit Wathisathokkit, secretary-general of the Action on Smoking and Health Foundation Thailand, said in a statement that both products cause greater health and economic problems.
He noted that there are mixed researches on the benefits of e-cigarettes. Yet, the fact that some giant cigarette makers are producing the e-cigarettes showed their long-term dream to create a new addictive product. 
A recent British study found that smokers were about 60 per cent more likely to stop smoking if they used e-cigarettes. Yet, other studies have found those who switched to e-cigarettes were less likely or no more likely to quit than if they used a patch or gum. 

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