Google launches digital tour of Cambodia's Angkor Wat

Breaking News April 03, 2014 00:00

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ANGKOR WAT, Cambodia - Cambodia's Angkor Wat has been digitally mapped for the first time, allowing people to visit the World Heritage Site from the comfort of their armchair using Google Street View.

The project is part of a growing trend aimed at Internet users who might otherwise never have the chance to visit the cultural and architectural wonders of the world.
Google took more than a million photos of Angkor -- the result is 90,000 360-degree views of more than 100 temples.
Street View allows web users to zoom in on an area, and then explore.
"Recently we've done the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon, Mount Fiji," said Manik Gupta, project manager at Google Maps.
"But the scale of Angkor Wat is what makes this unprecedented," he told AFP at the project's launch on Thursday.
"It is such an iconic place, people say it is the eighth wonder of the world, and it gives you this incredible sense -- look at every single small nook and cranny, you'll find art work."
The Angkor Archaeological Park contains the remains of the different capitals of the Khmer Empire, dating from the 9th to the 15th century.

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