Criminals have no place to hide in cyberspace

ASEAN+ October 06, 2016 01:00

Cyber Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), a team of 29 experts under Cyber Security Malaysia (CSM), |covers cyber forensics carried out on computers, audio frequencies, movies and multimedia.

The team’s compilation of evidence normally is done using digital devices, such as computers and USB drives. Data, digital images, photographs and information, which have been deleted, can be restored to their original form and time of creation.
CSM chief executive officer Amirudin, in an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily, said traditionally, the Chemistry Department is in charge of verifying evidence such as DNA, fingerprints and others. However, criminal offences in the virtual world of cyberspace are entirely different. 
“Analysts would search for time and process of the development of an event according to a request made by the police,” he said.
– Sin Chew Daily, Asia News Network