Security tightens in Myawady following DKBA-border guard clashes

ASEAN+ January 25, 2016 17:21

By Eleven Myanmar

YANGON - Security has been tightened at the exit and entrance of Myawady, a border town in Kayin State, following clashes between a splinter group from the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) troops and the local Border Guard Force (BGF) in Kaunghmu Vil

A BGF officer working on security measures said his troops were standing by in the area when the fighting began.

The skirmish lasted about 45 minutes. One BGF car was destroyed, while three DKBA breakaway troops and one villager were wounded.

The clashes occurred after the DKBA breakaway group invaded Kaunghmu Village, where a unit of the central DKBA, led by Brigadier General Kyaw Thet, is stationed.  

​ This was the first fighting since the new DKBA breakaway group was formed.