Laos find cooperation deals moving too slowly

ASEAN+ November 06, 2013 00:00

By Vientiane Times
Asia News Net

Cooperation agreements signed with countries across the globe are struggling to produce tangible results in a timely matter despite an increase in international visits by government and party leaders, according to a report.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports found implementation of cooperation agreements between Laos and foreign countries tended to move slowly until a follow-up meeting was planned between the signatories, at which point the relevant sectors would begin a mad dash to make notable progress.
Relevant sectors have been urged to work harder to implement agreements signed with foreign countries so their intended benefits can be fully realised.
The report was released at a foreign policy meeting in Vientiane on Monday, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Thongloun Sisoulith, and attended by 400 relevant officials from across the country.
The meeting looked at regional and global conditions, progress made in implementing the Resolution of the Ninth Party Congress and how best to accomplish designated goals by 2015.
Each year, Laos sends about 1,500 delegations abroad for regional and international meetings and other events, according to the report.
However, the report found attendees often had not done enough prior research, lacked clear aims to bring benefits to the nation and were not doing enough to implement meeting outcomes following their return to Laos.
The government has been active in the foreign affairs arena, forging strong friendships and cooperative relations in the face of complex global circumstances.
Laos has established diplomatic relations with 136 nations, an increase of three since 2011. The party and the government’s foreign policy aims to promote peace, independence and cooperation with all nations around the world based on the principles of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs.
Internationally, countries are striving to strengthen cooperation in the interest of developing and integrating economies while maintaining international peace and stability.
As a result of a consistent foreign policy, Laos has attracted more trade, investment and tourism to the country, generated more income for Lao people and boosted the country’s development.

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