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Art September 05, 2018 10:00

By The Nation

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A timely reminder that there are just five days left to see the exhibition “Post-Repost-Share” at main gallery on the eighth floor of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

It features works by 34 ur visual artists, photojournalists, commercial photographers, social activists, radiology technologists, and astronomers from 11 Southeast Asia countries.

Part of the Bangkok-based international photography festival, “Post-Repost-Share” is co-organised by the BACC and PhotoBangkok and is curated by Dr Toeingam Guptabutra and Angki Purbandono (Indonesia).

The exhibition aims to explore the contemporary relationship between photography and its audience now that social media have revolutionised the use of camera and redefined its boundary from the presentation and the audience’s perception towards the products. Today photographs are posted, reposted, and shared among hundreds of millions of users across the globe. From a still and lifeless media, photography, for the first time, has been transformed into a flexible media popularised and mobilised to every corner of the world.

Post-Repost-Share aims to inspire in the audience the notion of photography as an efficient tool for all users. Whether with professional cameras or casual smartphones, photography reflects facts and expresses personal attitudes, perspectives, and psychological implications of how people live in the contemporary society.

It continues through September 9.

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