Streams of fantasy and reality

Art August 15, 2018 11:00

By The Nation

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Photographer Bruce Gundersen brings his images to Bangkok for a solo show at Kathmandu Photo Gallery & Photo Bangkok titled “Many Rivers”.

The exhibition kicks off with an opening party on September 1 at 6.30 and a pre-opening event that gets underway at 5pm. The show will run through October 27.

“Many Rivers” invokes the psychic creatures of Southeast Asia: dredged up from the collective unconscious, the magnetic shape of a hooded cobra with a woman’s wistful face; a young maiden in a sabai, alone beside a jungle stream — a place and time where magic, terrible or otherwise, happens.

For 12 years, artist Bruce Gundersen has immersed himself in fairy tales from the lands of the Naga: Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Siam, with their storied rivers, whose myths celebrate the people’s close bond with nature spirits and supernatural forces. 

Here the line is blurry between the visible and invisible; where does ‘reality’ end and ‘fantasy’ begin? Do they in fact, as in Bruce Gundersen’s sublime photomontages printed on silk, overlap in beauty?

These stories and sacred initiations have come down to us from Southeast Asian prehistory, filtered through Buddhist, Hindu and Animist cosmology and repeatedly revealed over the ages through literature, song, dance and visual art.

The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

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