A peek at the world of diplomats

Art April 18, 2018 14:33

By The Nation

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Known as much for his photographic talent as his diplomatic skills, Greek ambassador to Thailand, Pericles Boutos brings his latest collection of works to Kathmandu Photo Gallery for the exhibition “Official Function” running from May 5 to June 23.

Boutos has been taking photographs for more than three decades. Originally self-taught, he perfected his knowledge by attending seminars led by Platon Rivellis at the Photography Circle of Athens in 1985 covering the history and aesthetic of photography. In 2003, while on sabbatical leave, he attended a selection of courses at the School of Visual Arts, and the International Centre of Photography in New York. 

“My roots are in street photography. It’s a tricky proposition to reconcile my two worlds. When faced with new places and cultures, I try to determine where my personal artistic interest lies. One can feel at the same time empty and overwhelmed. Undoubtedly there is a connection between the two states. ‘Access! You have access!’ was the exhortation of an old photographer friend. She’s right. Access is the photographer’s most valuable asset. Access in this case was at the cusp of both worlds.”

Known in Thailand for his mesmerising series on natural devastation and resurrection in ‘Fire/Regeneration’ (2017), Boutos’ new collection covers the fascinating world of official gala functions, which he must attend in his diplomatic persona.

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