A decade of environmental abuse

Art October 21, 2017 10:40

By The Nation

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Atta Gallery’s Taweesak Molsawat offers another part of his Existing of the Non-Existence” exhibition at the jewellery art space to Brainwake Thonglor from November 22 to January 7.

The exhibition, which brings together works from his “This is Thailand: Thailand from 2006to the present” collection reflects human behaviours in the era of globalisation and capitalism and mirrors the endless environmental problems caused by the ways we live our lives taking advantage of the environment and Mother Nature. 

“The significance is the process of searching for new roles, functions and definition of jewellery in contemporary context. Using art, design and crafts, in this case jewellery as an aesthetic, cultural, social, political, and environmental instrument, I am confident that art and design can improve the quality of living together creating a sense of living purpose in a community and healthy environment with shared values, equalities, and environmental sustainability,” said Taweesak. 

In this work, cultural leftovers (trash) on the beautiful beaches around Thailand have been given the new lives in the context of contemporary cultural signifiers to communicate to the society. 

Find out more details at www.attagallery.com and watch the video of “This is Thailand” at Vimeo.com/108465999.