Snapping up the streets

Art August 02, 2017 14:25

By The Nation

Street photographer Sirima “Pahparn” Chaipreechawit turns teacher this Saturday (August 5), offering a workshop on “Street-Style Photography” at the recreation building of Museum Siam as part of the “Minds of Thai Inventors Looking Back and Ponder” exhibition.

Sirima will share her experiences alongside actor and artist Konthorn “Hongtae” Taecholarn of using a mobile phone to snap the shots.

A passionate believer in black-and-white photography, Sirima is fascinated by small streets and alleys and the life that hides in them. Never without her camera, she tells stories of what she’s seen, introducing viewers to unknown places and people. 

Her past photo exhibitions include “Art Normal” (2011), “180 Years of Friendship the US and Thailand” (2013), “No [W]here Man” (2013), “Long Long Yala” (2013), “The Other Room’s Exploring The Other’s Life” (2014), “Bitterman and the Gentle Ladies” (2015), “Walk on the Wide Side” (2016) and “Danse Macabre” (2016). 

Admission is free but participation is limited to 15. The workshop runs from 2 to 4pm. Book by emailing