Three faces of the world

Art June 17, 2017 14:30

By The Nation

Supasit Thrammaprasert reveal global truths that have time, situation and hopelessness as their defining factors in the exhibition “Dreamy Land” showing at Subhashok The Arts Centre in July.

The series of works starts with the “The Journey”, an oil painting on nylon nets. Current affairs are depicted in “The Chair” through a drawing on a Giclee print while “Myself and hopelessness: Polka Dot” is an oil on canvas.

“Each custom or tradition wears a mask in one way or another. I’m not talking about wearing a mask to deceive, more like as a way to fit with the society. Today we are expected to behave based on the place or time but in the old days it was like some sort of ritual. You could never be 100-per-cent yourself. We all have to be a part of a pact, so I gave my characters the masks so we have some sort of unity,” he says.

He doesn’t need or expect viewers to understand his works completely, “I would be happy just to have people share the experience of viewing the works. It is like reading a book: 100 people have 100 ways to interpret the written work. More so with visual art, it is almost impossible to have everybody understand the works in the way as you want,” he says

Supasit received Bachelor degree in Decorative arts from Silpakorn University in 2014. His graduation project received the prestigious award, “The Best Thesis Award 2014”. He has also received the Young Thai Artist Award 2014 from SCG Foundation 

Subhashoke The Arts Centre is located at 60/3 Sukhumvit 33 (Daeng Udom) and is open daily except Monday. For more information, call (02) 258 5580 ext 401 or visit