Boss-from-Hell Woody pummels 26 kilos off Jack Fan Chan

Art October 19, 2015 01:00

By The Nation
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TV host Woody Milintachinda publicly berated his sidekick on "Tuen Mah Kui" ("Wake Up and Talk"), Chalermpon "Jack Fan Chan" Thikampornteerawong, for being chubby

Woody scolded Jack for being “obese”. He demanded he lose weight. He threatened to fire him if he didn’t. He imposed a series of weight-loss challenges on him.
All these dares and demands have seemed quite cruel at times, especially considering that Jack first became famous because of his generous girth. He was the bulbous bully in the hit kids’ movie “Fan Chan” (“My Girl”) a decade ago.
But as Jack’s career opportunities expanded, so did his waistline, to the point that his family and friends were concerned about his health, as so was Woody. Jack has diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure – and a deep and abiding passion for food. Two months ago this not very tall man was tipping the scales at 126 kilograms, in fact tipping them right over.
And now he weighs 99.8 kilograms. 
It was neither magic pills nor a ferocious session of fitness trainer Shaun T’s “T25” programme that finally did the trick. It was Woody’s constant harping.
After numerous failed efforts to shed kilos, in the end it came down to the 60-day Body Revolution challenge, which Woody had undergone and then threatened to sack Jack if he didn’t do the same.
Jack admits he’d begun to feel uncomfortable about his weight and that he was the one who first brought it up with Woody. “I even told him to fire me if I couldn’t slim down.”
Woody first tried to encourage him by offering a Bt100,000 reward. “Too bad I couldn’t make it!” Jack says. “But he started a new challenge for me. First we agreed that, if I couldn’t lose 25 kilos by the end of the year, he’d fire me. And then after a while we made it two months to put more pressure on me. 
“So I’ve lost around 26 kilos, which I think is very cool. It’s great to know that I could finally nail it.”
The first couple of days were murder, the always-funny Jack Fan Chan laughs. Every muscle ached and he was totally exhausted from rising each day at 5am to go jogging and then working out at a fitness centre in his free time.
“It was such a lot of pressure! And I hardly ever exercise, so it was extremely tough. I’d fret and not want to continue. But after a while I got used to the schedule. So, to those who are new to exercise, please keep going – the first couple of days are the hardest, but once you get past that, it’s just fine.”
When it comes to eating, Jack says he’s relied more on self-control than diet restrictions. “I’ve given up some fatty foods, like stewed pork and fried chicken, but I don’t really have a calorie-control diet. I just remind myself to stop eating when I’m full and stop having late meals. 
“It’s all a matter of the heart. If you set your mind to something, it becomes easy. I’m really proud of myself now. I’ve got my health back. And I’m going to stick to this routine.”